Vivel Soaps


Vivel is a bathing soap from the Personal Care Business of ITC Limited. Vivel was launched in 2007 across the country. Vivel hadn’t attracted as much traction a ITC would have liked. Vivel was central idea revolved around ‘Bringing back romance’ into the consumers life. Vivel also had multiple variants and in Tamil Nadu a Hamam stronghold, ITC believed that Vivel Ayurvedic Essence would be the lead variant.

Trisha Krishnan a leading South Actor was the Brand Ambassador.

The Objective:

Make Vivel a household name. Increase Triallists as the product is so good, once the consumers try, they will stay with the brand.

The Approach:

Optima did a Vox Pop among women Soap users. The respondents were drawn from across all the segments to holistically understand the motivations for switches. The Vox Pop threw up some interesting patterns.

While the older women were loyal to Hamam, the younger users were switching out. Younger girls were switching out of a family soap and switching to arguably the beauty soaps.

The Communication:

Optima created a campaign around the tagline ‘Palichunnu Oru Matram’ a colloquial term that signifies both a physical as well as a status change that is brighter than the past. A well-orchestrated Television film, print communication, Point of Sale material was executed with this as the core idea.

The Results:

Vivel soaps volumes jumped almost 10 times in just 6 months. Vivel became the third largest soap in Tamil Nadu in just 6 months. This success led to many more initiatives and successes in the future.