Spinz BB Talc


Talcum Powder as a category was declining as younger consumers were rejecting the idea of talc. Ponds is the undisputed leader in this declining category and commands a price premium in relation to other Talcum Powders. Spinz, a fragrant brand with interests in Deodorants as well as Talcum powders is a distant second in the category.

The Challenge:

Spinz intended to launch a compact / rose powder in a compact form. Optima felt that a compact or Rose powder as it is popularly called would not attract traction. Simply because the usage occasions will be limited and in a declining category this would become an also ran.

Instead, Optima recommended that we launch this as a BB (Beauty & Brightening) Talc as this will be in skin colour. This also gives us two advantages:

  • Ride the wave of BB that the younger consumers are adopting
  • A huge differentiator in a category that has seen little or no new products for a while.
The Communication:

Spinz BB Talc was clearly positioned as a new age talcum powders for the face as against the old & traditional white talc for the body. This helped further differentiating Spinz BB Talc from the leader Ponds as well as become a daily use product as against a Occasional use product.

Secondly, the BB positioning helped pricing it at a premium.

A well-conceived TVC and wide-spread sampling became the face of the brand’s communication.

The Result:

Spinz BB Talc grew at a rapid pace. This growth is impressive on two fronts:

  • The growth was achieved in a declining category
  • The growth was achieved despite higher pricing.

So much so, Spinz BB has become a franchise by itself for the company and a slew of products have been launched under this umbrella.

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