Kaya Skin Clinic


Kaya Skin Clinic is part of the Marico group. Kaya had a chain of clinics across various top tier cities. The big difference between Kaya and other beauty clinics is that, Kaya had a dermatologist in each of their clinics and all the beauty treatments were overseen by these dermatologists.

The Challenge:

The Internet penetration was still nascent but growing at a rapid pace. Kaya intended to leverage online to generate qualified leads that can be converted into customers. The challenge was to get Women, who are wary of sharing their email and telephone numbers to register for a call back and then get converted to a sale.

The Approach:

Optima used a proprietary targeting tool called ‘Bulls Eye Matrix’ to create a campaign for Kaya using Google Adwords, now Google Ads. The campaign had multiple parts:

  • The targeting was tightly based on KWs and users were sent to a relevant LP.
  • The leads so generated were auto pushed into a dialer that dials out the customer automatically within 30 minutes.
  • The Call center agent had the visibility on which of the services the prospective customer clicked on and registered, so she can tailor make her pitch based on that service.
  • The campaign was also changed frequently based on seasons, promotions etc to reflect the current need of the customer.
  • A similar strategy was used for SEO also.
The Result:
  • Optima generated about 25,000 leads every month.
  • The click to conversion was 13%, highest in the category.
  • The online revenue grew by almost 300% in just 2 years.
  • So much so, Optima was awarded the ‘Best Search Campaign’ for the Kaya Campaign by Internet And Mobile Association of India (IAMAI).

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