Insights to Intelligence

Advertising has changed. And changed it has, in just over a decade and a half.

Emotional Proposition, building relationships has given way to Optimization and customer acquisition.

Gone are the days, when advertisers used to lament that ‘only 50% of my advertising is working and they didn’t know which 50%’. Today not only can the advertiser know which 50% of the advertising is working, they can also find out which parts of their communication the customer actually saw and what were the triggers for conversion.

Along the way, insights have given way to intelligence as the primary driver of advertising. And relationship building communication has given way to transactional advertising.

This change didn’t happen by accident. This change was and continues to be driven by digital platforms like Google & Facebook.

In this continuum, the language of the advertisers and agencies has moved from Reach and OTS to Optimization and Bounce Rates. Advertisers and Agencies don’t withdraw a creative based on feedback. They kill the creative based on data and efficiency.

The medium may have changed. The stimuli might have changed. But the underlying motivation for advertising & communication remains the same. Results.

Optima was born before Optimization became fashionable among advertisers and agencies. We deliver one thing the Advertisers want – Results.

How do we do this?

While most agencies claim that they are the custodians of a brand, we believe this to be mere hyperbole with no substance. We believe the brand custodian is the Customer. They drive perception, they drive advocacy. They drive adoption and the experience. Marketers, Advertisers and Agencies merely manage this relationship.

At Optima, we believe in simplifying things, so that customers’ decision making becomes simple.